Cloudfier is the shortest path from requirements to production for business applications.

Cloudfier is a platform for rapid development and deployment of enterprise applications. You address the business requirements with Cloudfier’s powerful business programming language, and Cloudfier automatically produces a running application, with database, a business layer, a REST API, and a simple UI.

Getting started

Sign up and try it yourself now! It is free for development/prototyping!

Example apps

One great way to learn how to build applications in Cloudfier is to grab the example apps from the Cloudfier open source repository and start tweaking them. Read more…

Exploring the Development Environment

The development environment for Cloudfier is all web-based. There are four screens you will want to be familiar with: the Navigator, Editor, Shell and Git Repositories and Git Status pages. Read more…

Creating Cloudfier apps

Understand how to describe your application’s problem domain in terms of entities, properties, relationships, actions and state machines. Read more…

Deploying Cloudfier apps

Once you created an application, deploying it is really easy. Learn how to deploy your code, provision a database and run the application via a user interface or a REST API. Read more…

Early Adopter?

Want to be an early adopter and help improve and drive the evolution of Cloudfier? Thanks! Make sure you read the Early Adopter Survival Guide!


Learn how to use Cloudfier’s simple yet powerful language to model rich concepts in your application.

Feature list

Check out the feature list and learn everything your Cloudfier applications can do.


All you wanted to know about Cloudfier and were afraid to ask!

Support and Feedback

Head to the issue tracker at GitHub if you would like to report bugs, ask questions or request features.