Cloudfier Development Environment

The Cloudfier Development Environment is a full-fledged IDE that runs in a browser. Following is a description of the key pages in the development environment that you should become familiar with.

The Navigator/Editor page

Once you log in, you are on the Navigator/Editor page. Here you can see all your files.


On the main pane, you can create/open files/directories, or apply actions to selected files and directories (using the Action menu).

On the left pane, you will find some useful actions, including actions for checking out the Cloudfier example applications and cloning an arbitrary Git repository.

On this page is where you will spend much of your time in Cloudfier. As you make changes to the source code, the outline updates to show the structure of your application. If you make mistakes, the automatic validator will point them out to you.

The Shell page

The Shell page is where you deploy and launch your application from.


See Deploying Cloudfier Apps for more information.

The Git page

The Git page is where you go to get code from a remote repository into your local workspace, and where you can see your outgoing changes that can then be committed to the Git repository and pushed to a remote repository.


Cloudfier is powered by Eclipse Orion

The Cloudfier Development Environment is an instance of Eclipse Orion, an open source web-based development environment. See the Orion User Guide for documentation on the non-Cloudfier specific features available in Orion, including Git integration, exporting project contents, personalization etc.