Cloudfier Early Adopter survival guide

Thank you for being a Cloudfier early adopter! (not an early adopter yet? Go here first). We want Cloudfier to deliver on its promise as the best way to build business applications on the cloud. In order to do that, we will need your help to know we are on the right path.

What we need help with

We need you to try Cloudfier and:

  • Tell us whether you get what Cloudfier is about, and you clearly see the value it provides
  • Tell us anything that isn’t clear (from user experience, to documentation, to business model)
  • Build apps with Cloudfier
  • Let us know of any missing features, bugs or suggestions you have

How to start

  1. Send an email to, introduce yourself and let us know you want to be an early adopter (or fill in this form).
  2. Head to the main documentation page
  3. Watch the getting started video
  4. Check out and run the example apps
  5. Read on what is involved in making Cloudfier applications
  6. Modify the example applications with your own ideas
  7. Get familiar with Orion, Cloudfier’s web-based development environment
  8. Keep us informed of your progress and let us now along the way how you are doing and anything you need help with.

Links to keep handy

Cloudfier Online Development Environment – where you can create and launch Cloudfier applications.
Issue tracker – Questions, bugs, feature requests and suggestions in general should be entered there.
Documentation – this very site. The documentation should include everything you need to know in order to use Cloudfier – ideally. It probably doesn’t yet, so if there is anything you can’t find in the documentation, head to the feedback forum and let us know!
Cloudfier OSS @ Github – This is where the development of Cloudfier itself occurs. Follow the development work, open issues, submit pull requests etc.

Finally, always feel free to contact us via email, Google+ or twitter.


We really need your help to make Cloudfier succeed and will be very thankful for your feedback. To show our appreciation, early adopters that made significant contributions will be selected to receive a free one-year subscription to a paid production plan when support for deployment of applications in production becomes available.